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What is the Dsposal Dashboard?

Our Dashboard enables you to follow the contractors along your waste supply chain and gives you a real-time view of the compliance status of those suppliers. You have a Duty of Care under section 34 of the Environment Protection Act 1990 to your waste, our dashboard gives you the peace of mind that you’re meeting that legal obligation.

Not only does it provide a simple visual overview you can also easily produce reports on the compliance status of your waste contractors and Dsposal will automatically notify you when the licences and permits are nearing expiry.

Manage your entire waste company workflow through Dsposal Paperwork, from recording a new Opportunity, to Quoting, Booking, Scheduling and Invoicing. Paperwork streamlines all your business processes from start to finish while, ensuring legal compliance, automatically generating Waste Transfer Notes and Hazardous Waste Consignment Notes for you, and helping you achieve and sustain ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

It's been built using our experience in the waste industry, working with waste professionals like you, and been informed by the work we did on Smart Waste Tracking with Defra. Mandatory electronic waste tracking is likely to be introduced in the next few years, this is our answer to it, built with and for SME waste management companies.

The Haz Waste Tracker is a stand-alone product or optional extra to Paperwork. It allows you to record all your hazardous waste movements legally and compliantly, including creating digital consignment notes and enabling you to submit your EA returns at the click of a button.

The Dsposal Marketplace is our soon to launch B2B waste directory. Powered by the Environment Agency Public Registers API combined with our unrivalled Waste Thesaurus it will enable users to find appropriately licensed and permitted waste services for any waste stream. Accessed exclusively via the Dsposal Dashboard the Marketplace offers new functionality not available on the publicly available Your Dsposal Directory. If you hold a licence or permit you can claim your listing for free.

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Building on our existing Dashboard, this Innovate UK backed development will deliver an integrated software solution which allows complex waste producing organisations, like the NHS, to spot problematic waste streams, reduce avoidable waste, secure better recycling outcomes and tackle waste crime. It will streamline all aspects of waste management within the organisation, from procurement and contract management, to environmental reporting, with compliance built in as standard.

You can claim your listing on all three of these directories for free by following these simple steps:

If you’ve been sent an email with a link to your site then by clicking that link you’ll be taken to create a Dsposal account, after which it will take you through the site claim process.

No. Dsposal is a tech company. We don’t undertake any waste management activities or operate any sites or services for waste management.

We’ve partnered with Acumen to offer these services to you to give users of Dsposal access to a fully compliant waste management company. It is a sponsored service.

The Waste Duty of Care is a law under section 34 of the Environment Protection Act 1990 that covers how to deal with waste so that we can protect human health and our environment. It applies to everybody that producers waste and almost every waste in England; even householders and their waste. The waste producer has a responsibility to take all practical steps to make sure that their waste is properly looked after until it finishes its journey to disposal or recovery. That means it’s not enough to just check the company that takes the waste away from your premises is licensed – you also need to check where they are taking it on to and ensure the whole chain is licensed. If you fail in your waste duty of care by letting an illegal company collect your waste, then you could get a fine or even a prison sentence.

Dsposal is an ambassador of the Right Waste Right Place campaign and you can find more useful information for SMEs there.

Dsposal is hosted on Microsoft Azure secure servers here in England and we ensure your information is secure and private. When you claim your listing on the directories by creating a waste company profile on Dsposal the information you add to your profile and the documents you upload are publicly available so you shouldn’t include anything you consider private.

Business information you upload and use as a customer of Paperwork, Haz Waste Tracker or Waste Manager is securely held on our cloud servers and is not publicly available.

Dsposal supports the Declaration for Responsible and Intelligent Data Practice. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about how we handle data. You can read our Privacy Policy, our Cookies Policy, our Terms of Service and Terms of Use.

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