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What is Dsposal?

Dsposal is a technology firm and circular economy consultancy. We specialise in providing software solutions and consultancy services to help businesses manage waste more efficiently and in line with circular economy principles.

Our mission is to create a world where waste is viewed as a valuable resource. We develop practical tech solutions to assist waste managers and producers in legally, efficiently, and safely handling waste while protecting the environment.

We offer two core software products: Paperwork and Compliance Dashboard. Additionally, our consultancy services encompass designing and delivering top-notch software and data solutions. We work on projects that transform waste into valuable resources, following a user-centred and agile approach that caters to public, private, and third-sector clients.

No, Dsposal does not, and will never operate as a waste company, rubbish removal service, or recycling site. We lack the necessary licenses and permits to engage in such activities. Dsposal is a technology company and circular economy consultancy, and we do not participate in waste management or brokering services. Our focus is on developing technology solutions and providing consultancy for efficient waste management, but we do not manage waste sites or services.

What is Dsposal's Compliance Dashboard?

Dsposal's Compliance Dashboard is an essential tool for organisations with complex waste management needs. This includes businesses like NHS Trusts, manufacturers, science parks, universities, facilities management companies, waste brokers, and anyone managing multiple waste streams, contractors, or sites.

Our Compliance Dashboard offers real-time monitoring of your waste contractors' compliance status, along with automated notifications for critical compliance dates. It simplifies contract management, keeping all your waste contracts in one place and providing performance logs, customizable notifications, and a record of key parties and dates. This helps you maximize supplier relationships.

You can easily upload or import all your waste collection documents, such as waste transfer notes and hazardous waste consignment notes. The platform allows you to capture important data, log issues, and set alerts to ensure nothing is overlooked.

The data is well-structured, enabling you to generate powerful reports on your waste, compliance, and contracts. This not only helps reduce costs and minimise risks but also improves your environmental performance.

The Compliance Dashboard is available through an annual or monthly subscription, offering flexibility to choose the tools you need. Additionally, there's a free tier for those managing their company profile. It's accessible from any internet-connected device.

Dsposal's Paperwork is a comprehensive waste management software tailored for SME waste companies. It's designed in collaboration with SMEs, specifically to streamline your entire business operations, from managing opportunities to invoicing, with the goal of enhancing productivity and profitability.

Paperwork offers a range of valuable tools to simplify compliance, including an integrated Waste Thesaurus. It also automates the generation of essential paperwork, such as legally compliant Waste Transfer Notes and Hazardous Waste Consignment Notes.

Using Paperwork, you'll be well-prepared for the upcoming mandatory digital waste tracking requirements expected in 2024/2025. Additionally, Paperwork introduces immediate business improvements with its CRM and supplier management tools. It efficiently identifies the most profitable disposal routes through its advanced pricing algorithm.

Our online platform offers flexible annual or monthly subscription options, allowing you to select the plan that suits your needs. Accessible from any internet-connected device, Paperwork simplifies waste management for SMEs.

The UK governments have committed to implementing and mandating a digital system to record waste movements and the Environment Act 2021 provides them with the powers to do so. Defra ran a consultation on the introduction of mandatory digital waste tracking which closed in April 2022. Though the new system will not require every single type of waste transaction to be recorded digitally, it does cover the vast majority of waste movements and so its implementation will affect you, especially if you are a waste management company as all your records will have to be kept and submitted digitally. The new system will replace all the current, fragmented systems and reporting requirements (e.g. quarterly returns, WasteDataFlow, hazardous waste returns) and bring them under one service. The system is still under development and you can join their User Research Panel.

Dsposal was one of the 5 companies involved in Phase I of Defra’s GovTech Catalyst Smart Waste Tracking Challenge and while we weren’t one of the two companies involved in Phase II, we have taken all our experience and findings from Phase I and built Paperwork with the express goal of making the transition to digital waste tracking easy for our customers. So, if you’re worried about what it means for your business or you want to find out more about how Paperwork can help, contact us or book a demo.

By creating a company and site profile on the Compliance Dashboard (for FREE) you can get listed on the Your Dsposal Directory and MRW Directory. Just follow these simple steps:

Please note: updates to the MRW Directory are periodic, listings on the Your Dsposal Directory are immediate. Only licensed or permitted sites can be listed on the Your Dsposal Directory. The MRW Directory has listings of both licensed and permitted waste services and non-regulated services for the waste industry (e.g. plant and equipment, professional services and IT, vehicles etc).

If you’ve been sent an email with a link to your site then by clicking that link you’ll be taken to create a Dsposal account. You can follow the steps laid out in this guide to walk you through the process. Setting up your profile is completely free, provides your customers with a simple way to access your compliance documents, saves you time and as a bonus you can get a free listing on both the Your Dsposal Directory and MRW Directory.

We’ve partnered with Acumen to offer these services to you to give users of Dsposal access to a fully compliant waste management company. It is a sponsored service.

The Waste Duty of Care is a law under section 34 of the Environment Protection Act 1990 that covers how to deal with waste so that we can protect human health and our environment. It applies to everybody that producers waste and all waste in England; even householders and their waste. The waste producer has a responsibility to take all practical steps to make sure that their waste is properly looked after until it finishes its journey to disposal or recovery. That means it’s not enough to just check the company that takes the waste away from your premises is licensed – you also need to check where they are taking it on to and ensure the whole chain is licensed. If you fail in your waste duty of care by letting an illegal company collect your waste, then you could get a fine or even a prison sentence.

Dsposal is an ambassador of the Right Waste Right Place campaign and you can find more useful information for SMEs there.

Your data's security is a top priority at Dsposal. We host our platform on secure Microsoft Azure servers located in England to ensure your information is kept safe and private.

For users claiming listings on the Your Dsposal Directory and creating waste company profiles, please note that the information and documents you add are publicly available. It's essential not to include any private or sensitive data in these profiles.

However, when it comes to your business information as a customer of Paperwork or the Compliance Dashboard, rest assured that it's securely stored on our cloud servers and is not publicly accessible.

Dsposal supports the Declaration for Responsible and Intelligent Data Practice. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about how we handle data. You can read our Privacy Policy, our Cookies Policy, our Terms of Service and Terms of Use.

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